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Basic steps for reinforcement of aramid fiber cloth

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Basic steps for reinforcement of aramid fiber cloth

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The basic steps of reinforcement of aramid fiber cloth are carried out according to the following requirements:

1. Construction preparation

2. Surface treatment of concrete members: the weathered layer and the plaster layer with insufficient strength are removed, and the surface is repaired and leveled.

3. After the concrete surface has been leveled, clean it before applying the primer.

4. Prepare and brush the bottom layer, the specific steps are as follows:

a. Cut the aramid cloth as required by the construction drawings.

b. Ink line

c. Formulating the impregnating resin

d. Undercoat resin

e. Paste aramid fiber cloth

The aramid cloth is pasted according to the construction drawing, and the aramid fiber cloth is repeatedly rolled by the roller to make it tightly combined with the concrete.

f. coating outer layer impregnating resin

After the underlying resin is impregnated with the fiber cloth, the outer layer is further coated with the resin. The resin is evenly applied by the roller along the direction of the aramid fiber, and is repeatedly rolled to remove residual bubbles, so that the aramid cloth, the resin and the concrete member are bonded together.

g. Multi-layer pasting:

When two or more layers of aramid cloth are pasted, the above d-f construction process is repeated.

h. Maintenance

5. After pasting the aramid cloth, it should be properly externally protected.

Aramid fiber cloth construction steps

Aramid cloth performance characteristics:

1 high strength, good heat resistance:

Tensile strength is 7 times that of steel;

2. Light weight and softness:

The weight is 1/5 of the steel; like the fiber of the garment

3. Insulation:

Suitable for subways, tunnels, industrial housing, power engineering and other projects with high insulation requirements;

4. Durability, no rust, anti-corrosion resistance"

Suitable for use in acids, alkalis, salt and hot and humid environments, such as coastal construction projects, especially the harbor terminal project.

5. Anti-fatigue and superior dynamic load resistance:

Particularly suitable for bridge reinforcement and restoration projects

6. Anti-shear ability:

The shear resistance of aramid fibers is stronger in all FRP materials.

7. Convenient construction:

Excellent performance and price, easy to maintain

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Contact: Allen zhang 

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